GST Rate for Blogger in India, GST for Indian Blogger

GST Rate for Blogger in IndiaAre you blogger from India then you are under GST. GST is new tax system of India. It may bring more thoughts who are bloggers in India. GST for bloggers, Indian bloggers will under 18% GST slabs. It knows as service sector.

Indian bloggers have to login for GST as soon as possible, because it is mandatory. Earlier bloggers were not paying tax before year of 2014, after Oct 2021 Indian blog earners come under service tax.

Indian service tax was 15% before came GST in July 2021. Tax rate increased step by step long years, it was around 10% years ago, but now GST for blog earners.

How to calculate accurate GST for Blog earning

Indian Blogger earners can deduct entries following expanses in yearly earning then find accurate income and pay if your blog earning is valid for GST.

Following expenses should subtract in total earning.

  1. Hosting Expense
  2. Domain Renewal Expense
  3. Telephone Expense
  4. Internet Expense
  5. Electricity expense
  6. Salary Expense
  7. Website development expense
  8. Fuel expense
  9. Meeting Expense
  10. Content writer expense

Indian bloggers are under GST service tax so they have to register and login then pay GST 18% on yearly income. Anyone share your knowledge and question about GST blog earning below comment box anytime.

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